Alex Chavez

Coaching Intern
Alex Chavez


Alex started working out and lifting weights in 2018, at a local Globo Gym in Las Vegas. Feeling unmotivated and in need of proper coaching, he was finally convinced by his dad to try CrossFit. His very first workout had him hooked and he never looked back. Not long after, Alex earned his CF Level 1 in 2019 with hopes of coaching and spreading his love for CrossFit.

After moving to Reno in 2020, he soon discovered Reno Powerhouse Fitness and began coaching. He loves helping the community and helping athletes reach their fitness goals, all while striving to become a better coach.

Outside of the gym, Alex is a student at UNR majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Music. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, playing piano, and exploring new places in Reno. He’s always looking for the next opportunity to use his fitness out in the real world.

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