4 Person - Team Competition

June 2020

Sign Up a Team

Get your 4 person team together and sign up below. Details:

  • June, 2020 at Reno Power House Fitness
  • 2 women and 2 men make up a team
  • $200 a team
  • 2 Divisions
    • 24 RX Teams
    • 24 Scaled Teams
  • 6 total events
    • Fundraiser
    • 4 workouts
    • A final event for both divisions of the top 5 teams
  • Fundraising Event: $750 as a team to get an automatic 1st place
    • To qualify for the final event your team must raise $500
  • Each individual must be 18 to compete or have signed consent from a parent
  • Each team member will need to fill out a Reno Power House Fitness Waiver

More on the Mindful Health Initiative

Sal Salas, RPHF Owner and Trainer

Why I chose the Mindful Health Initiative and Youth Sports

Mindful Health Initiative was a natural choice for me as the beneficiary of our upcoming in-house CrossFit competition. I wanted an organization that both encourages and financially supports, children to participate in youth sports. Growing up, my parents had limited funds. I didn’t have any opportunities to be a part of a team or any organized athletics. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t in the cards for me. In Mexico, where I spent a lot of time with my dad and his family, everyone played soccer. However, at home in San Diego, we couldn’t afford the youth league. My uncle also played football and I became a die-hard Chargers fan, but Pop Warner, with all of the equipment fees, was just too expensive. The Mindful Health Initiative, just like RPHF, is just starting out in Reno and they have the same kind of passion for their work regarding the physical and mental well being of youth in at-risk populations that I do in bringing more fitness into the daily lives of our members. Mindful Health is not a large corporation, but a small local group. We know the funds are going to benefit children here who are in need and who can hopefully participate in some of the sports I never got the chance to. I am excited to bring this organization into our gym while helping them in their mission of supporting local children while also promoting fitness among our CrossFit community!